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5 Piece Tap Set 'Black Ring' machine taps for general tapping applications suitable for steels, low alloy steels, stainless steels and non-ferrous materials. Manufactured to DIN371/376. Tapping tolerance to 6H. M3 - M8 Spiral Flute Spiral Flute - HSS-E Bright Finish. For blind holes. Taper lead to DIN form C. Contents: Pitch size: M3 x 0.5mm. Thread length: 2.5mm. Pitch size: M4 x 0.7mm. Thread length: 3.3mm. Pitch size: M5 x 0.8mm. Thread length: 4.2mm. Pitch size: M6 x 1.0mm. Thread length: 5.0mm. Pitch size: M8 x 1.25mm. Thread length: 6.8mm. The tool geometry (with up to 138 parameters) has been developed and optimised during long-term tests in co operation with users for the different sections of structural steel, aluminum casting, machining steel, VA steels, heat-resistant steels and tool steels. Selected hard coatings increase the range of applications. The objective of developing Swiss+Tech's 'Black Ring' Taps was the realisation of narrower tolerances and more efficient cutting times for the thread production. The unique general purpose properties of these taps guarantee high productivity by reducing the amount of time spent changing taps for different materials and at the same time reduces the number of taps required by the machine shop. Swiss+Tech 'Black Ring' machine taps with their wide range of applications are the result of years of experience in metal cutting. Responsible for our developments were the following demands from our main customers: • Increase of a tap's versatility. • Reducing the confusing type variety. • Reducing the storage costs for the tools. • Reducing the tool changing times. For general tapping applications. For production tapping of specific materials a specialist tap may be more suitable. Manufactured to DIN 371/376. • Thread Standard Metric Coarse • Coolant Delivery External • Class of Fit 6H • Number of Pieces 5 • Material Vanadium High Speed Steel

Part number: SwissTech