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Ultimate cutting performance Formulated to cling to the tool providing excellent cutting performance Doubles tool life Excellent surface finish Reduces wear and tap breakages Minimises waste and scrap Reduced friction and increased wear resistance Excellent extreme pressure performance Multi metal compatibility RTD is the world leading, hand applied, lubricant for reaming, tapping and drilling and has been the market leader for over 60 years. The RTD range contains technically advanced extreme pressure additives which significantly reduce friction at the cutting edge, giving superb performance. As a result RTD extends tool life and promotes superior surface finish, bringing cost saving efficiencies as well as improved quality. RTD Compound is a soft paste and is suitable for all metals including hardened steels, titaniums and nimonics, in even the most severe cutting operations. RTD is a must have product for all machine shops, tool-rooms and maintenance departments. Sulphur free and chlorine free versions of RTD are also available. • Applications Drilling • For Use On Hardened Steels • Size 500g • Features Allows Increases Removal Rates

Part number: 53023