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A medium mineral oil content fluid which will form a high quality stable translucent micro emulsion when mixed with water. Free from added formaldehyde, chlorine and secondary amines and compliant with the TRGS 611 specification. Contains excellent lubricity additives which have a high detergency, providing a high quality surface finish to the machined pieces. Suitable for use in soft and hard water areas resulting in fluid stability and long sump life. Designed for the heavy duty machining applications on ferrous and non-ferrous metals and especially suited for high pressure feed and speed machining on modern CNC machinery due to its low foaming capability. Also suited for aluminium machining including tapping applications. Features and Benefits • A multipurpose high performance product suitable for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. • TRGS 611 compliant. • Incorporates a highly effective anti-corrosion package ensuring protection to machine tools and components. • Forms a highly stable micro-emulsion resulting in extended fluid life. This reduces the requirement for fluid change-over resulting in overall reduced fluid costs. • High detergency results in excellent tramp oil rejection, high cleanliness and operator visibility. • Excellent wetting and detergency characteristics ensure that Q8 Berlioz XVH is suitable for use in soft and hard water areas resulting in minimal residue build up. • Extreme low foaming in all water conditions minimises spillages and waste, improves machine efficiency and reduces 'trip out' in automatic systems. • Free from formaldehyde, added chlorine and secondary amine ensures environmental compliance, user friendly to the operator. Select from 2 Variants

Part number: Q8 Oils