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Low odour milky soluble product with corrosion protection additives to protect both the work piece and the machine from rust and staining. Contains a powerful biocide to protect against bacterial and fungal infections. Recommended for all general light to medium machining operations, especially milling, drilling, boring, reaming, sawing and shaping of low tensile steels, non-ferrous and aluminium type materials. The product provides an excellent surface finish. Features and Benefits: • Boron and Secondary amine free product • Based on Renewable Resource raw materials • Free from added chlorinated paraffin • TRGS 611 compliant • Low odour • Protects against rust and staining • Stable in all normal water conditions • Designed to absorb tramp oil, helping prevent sticky machine surfaces • Applications Boring • For Use On Metal • Features Chlorinated paraffin free • Size 20ltr • Container Type Bottle

Part number: 2631943/032