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A light penetrative lubricant based on highly refined mineral oil with PTFE, provides excellent anti-friction and load carrying capability. The addition of EP lubricants, anti-wear and corrosion inhibitors provide improved wear resistance, lower releasing torque and corrosion protection to extend equipment life. A highly versatile product being both a fast acting penetrant for the effective release of seized and corroded threaded fasteners, protecting components during dismantling and a multi-purpose light lubricant and corrosion protective suitable for use in many industrial applications. Specially designed for use within the most aggressive conditions such as corrosive, wet, humid or dirty environments where the tack-free, high strength residual film prevents attraction of dust, dirt and grit. • Size 400ml • Features Corrosion Protection • MFR Part No. ELO115 • Container Type Aerosol • For Use On Bearings

Part number: ELO115