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A premium performance lubricant specifically designed to lubricate and protect steel wire ropes. Formulated from high quality base oils and incorporating advanced additive systems that minimize friction and wear Molyslip WRL-C5 delivers outstanding corrosion protection and lubrication to wire ropes operating in a range of environments. Steel wire ropes are complex in construction and are subjected to arduous operating conditions. Movement such as loading and unloading of the rope, bending and flexing over sheaves and pulleys creates high load points where wires and strands cross over each other. This can result in fretting wear and corrosion - reducing the life of the rope. The high load carrying solids contained in WRL-C5 form a low friction barrier between the metal surfaces minimizing frictional contact and wear. Molyslip WRL-C5 is suitable for use on most wire rope types and constructions operating in a wide variety of conditions and equipment such as cranes, ports, oilfield, construction and mining. It can also be used in applications such as ROV umbilical cables to protect from corrosion. - High temperature capability up to 150°C - Excellent load carrying and anti-wear properties - Effective protection against corrosion - Resistant to water wash-off Select from 2 Variants

Part number: M379045 / M379060