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MOLYKOTE® 1000 Lubricant paste is a solid nickel & lead free anti-seize paste used to reduce wear, optimize friction of threaded fasteners and metal-to-metal joints to allow non-destructive dismantling. Features and Benefits • Ability to be used over a wide range of temperatures (-30°C to +650°C) with a high load-carrying capacity • Allows non-destructive dismantling despite prolonged use at high temperatures and provides good corrosion protection • Ensures coefficient of friction remains unchanged in areas of oiled bolts, even following several bolt loosening & re-tightening processes Typical Applications • Cylinder head bolts • Nozzle head screws of plastic injection moulding machines • Bolted joints in the chemical industry • Tension rings in centrifuges Select from 4 Variants

Part number: Molykote 1000