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This range of easy wipe clean Euro Boxes are ideal for any circumstance in which hygienic, stackable, plastic containers play an important role in transporting and storing goods. Constructed from a hard wearing plastic that is resistant to both acid and alkaline solutions as well as providing high performance in both cold and heat. Fitted with comfort ergonomic handles and can be used with matching lids (sold separately). Features and Benefits • Manufactured from durable plastic that is resistant to corrosion as well as general wear and tear • Ergonomic grip handles either side for ease of transporting your items • Are designed to be stacked to save space and maximise your storage • Come in a neutral grey colour to suit any workplace or decor • Can be sealed with matching lids to secure your items (sold separately) Typical Applications • Is suitable for conveyer systems in the transportation and distribution sector as well as more general duty storage uses where stacking boxes are in demand Notes • Lids not included, can be purchased separately • No lid available for 800mm boxes Select from 8 Variants

Part number: Matlock