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Short Series - Metric - TiCN Coated Kennedy KC3 throwaway 3* flute endmills are manufactured HSS-Co 5% making them much tougher than HSS. This means that Kennedy endmills can be used at higher speeds and feeds which in turn gives greater productivity. Suitable for slot drilling and end milling. Cutters are held in adaptors/chucks by the action of a set screw which locates on the shank flat giving quick and easy cutter change. *Except: 1mm cutters, 2mm and 1/16" ball nose cutters, all of which have two flutes. Metric Tolerances: Diameter: Over 1.00 ~ up to 3.00. Tolerance: +0.013, -0.033. Diameter: Over 3.00 ~ up to 6.00. Tolerance: +0.020, -0.020. Kennedy KC3 endmills are available uncoated, TiN coated and TiCN coated. TiN (Titanium nitride) provides a surface hardness in the region of 2300HV which offers improved wear resistance, tool life and productivity. TiCN (Titanium Carbonitride) gives a surface hardness in the region of 3000-3500 HV, excellent wear resistance and good heat resistance. This coating is used for the same things as TiN but also for hard steels, stainless, cast iron, brass & bronze. Select from 9 Variants

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