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This cleaner removes uncured polysulphide sealant and has been specifically designed for the aviation industry. Features and Benefits: •Removes stubborn residues including adhesives, inks, resins, varnishes and lacquers, leaving zero residue •The powerful solvent easily penetrates rapid evaporation, for maximum efficiency •Low pressure spray provides an even coverage and prevents splash back Typical Applications: •Aviation •Uncured polysulphides •Adhesives •Inks •Resins •Varnishes •Lacquers •Rubbers •Printing industry •Engineering industry Notes: •May affect certain plastics, always test a small area before general use •Ensure electrical equipment is switched off before cleaning •Evaporates quickly • Removes Adhesives • Size 400ml • Container Type Aerosol • MFR Part No. 31556 • Suitable For Use On Metal

Part number: 31556