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ADHAESIUM is a unique mounting system, which does not rely on bolting and grouting, and can be applied and used without destroying surface and floor slab integrity. Used to site and secure medium and heavy engineering machinery such as lathes, presses, punches etc. Equipment can be easily removed and re-sited, without detriment to either floor or machine base. No pre-mixing or substantial preparation is needed prior to installation. Does not require special tools or skills for installation. No drilling or grouting required. Positive machinery alignment with minimum effort. Scientifically shown to reduce vibration and noise transmission, reducing operator fatigue. Water based, non-toxic, low hazard. Can withstand high operating temperature without detriment - suitable where floor heating is installed. Typical uses: The setting and stabilisation of heavy manufacturing equipment. Shelf life: 24 months. Used by: chemical engineering, electrical engineering. • MFR Part No. FF152/E • Length 2m • Width 10mm

Part number: FF152/E